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Stabiliser vs. No Stabiliser

This is a discussion that most of us have had one time or another in the campsites and caravan parks around our country. On the one side, you normally find the “experienced” caravanner who has towed all his life without a stabiliser and has never experienced any problems. On the other side, you normally have mister “safety gadget” that will try anything, if he thinks it will make life easier or safer for him and his family.....READ MORE 

Tent Care

  • Fully pitch your tent at home to ensure that all the parts are complete.
  • Use the instructions provided.
  • Check all parts each time to ensure nothing will be left behind.
  • It's a good idea to have extra pegs, guy ropes and storm straps in case of strong winds.
  • Attend to any repairs that may be required well prior to departure.  ....READ MORE

Sleeping Bag Care  

  • Hollow fibre bags that are stored compressed for a long time can lose their loft. (Insulating properties). Don’t store your sleeping bag in the stuff sac provided but rather loosely rolled up and in the cupboard. Take your sleeping bag every three months and fluff it to help maintain its loft. ....READ MORE


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